Like so let me be honest here. This is how this whole Got BDE? started. There’s someone on this line up that embodies BDE and they told me to come through. But that’s between me and my fantasies…

This is an All Black Affair which means, you’re supposed to wear all black. Hold on, let me repeat that for my New Yorkers: You’re supposed to wear ALL BLACK! Don’t come up in there with all white cause you want one more all white fete before the end of the year. Dis ain’t it.

Actually, I’m wearing red and black but that’s besides the point.

50 Shades of Rave will be at Amazura in Queens.  I usually don’t travel all the way to Queens just because it’s Queens (No Shade). But since there will be BDE in the building, we gonna be in there.

Two of my fave DJs: Kevin Crown and DJ Young Chow

Performances by Ding Dong and more

Friday, November 23 from 10 pm - 4 am

91-12 144TH PLACE

Tickets: $30

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