This was my first cruise ever. But I saw the cruise advertised last year, and I’m last minute for everything, so I missed the cruise waiting on people to go with me. This year I said EFF DAT, and I just booked. I said I would make friends on the boat. I’m charming enough. BEST DECISION I EVER MADE.

Two of the things that stood out to me.


The Ship was AMAZING. I was worried I was going to be sea sick, but not worried enough for me to bring any sea sickness pills with me. It was very modern, and it reminded me of a Vegas hotel on the ocean. They had a million things to do if you didn’t feel to fete (but fete=life, and I missed out on a Swaroski create your own event smh). The staff was AMAZING. They were SUPER FRIENDLY, they were super helpful, and it really seemed like they enjoyed themselves right along with us.

Labadee, Haiti

Was absolutely beautiful. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it blew all my expectations out of the water.  I could feel the ancestors greeting us as we came to the island. It was such a powerful experience.  The people who worked there were amazing to us. It was great to see people who looked like me.

Some reviews by other USC’ers: 

The Bahamianist (@bahamianista on Insta) does a really good job of providing a really in-depth review by others. Here is her blog, and if you scroll down, she provides a couple of issues she had with the cruise. After reading, you will see they really aren’t issues at all, but these sentiments were shared by everyone I spoke with. She also provides feedback from others, and it is totally insightful.

April Eudora of All Vibes Matter gives a nice sweet and short top five reasons why you should experience UberSocaCruise at least once in your life.  My favorite reason:

“No designated drivers needed!
One of the best things about having carnival on a cruise ship, is the convenience of leaving your car keys out of sight and out of mind. No need to worry about deciding who’s gonna be the responsible one to drive allyuh home at the end of the festivities. Drink til you pass out, then crawl back to your cabin.”

Sandra Manjie provides a nice and long detailed post, giving a day-by-day, blow by blow post of the cruise. After reading her blog, I realized I met her and her crew on the cruise. They bought some lollipops from me J Big up ya self Sandra! She has a ton of pictures on her blog, so this is the post you read when you have some time and a great screen resolution. I am slightly upset by them posin up with my future husband in my head (Skinny Fabulous), but I’ll let it slide.

Now, the most INFAMOUS MAIN party was the 50 Shades of Pink/Floral BRUNCH party.

Now, I am from Prince George’s County, MD, a suburb of DC. I am a tad bougie. Just a tad, it’s because I’m born and raised in Prince George’s County. And if you’ve ever been, you’d understand. I also LOVE a brunch. I love to get dressed up and look pretty and eat crispy bacon and drink bellinis, or mimosas (begrudgingly) if they don’t have any bellinis. So I was QUITE excited about this Brunch. DJ Avalanche tore this brunch up (like he did the small island fete). He turned it into a wet fete. Here is some footage, courtesy of Soca to the CORE.  You can def see me at 1:57 like ‘wtf’ but Kana is wit the shit. And so I had to be with the shits. I didn’t wear a swimsuit, but I’m happy I wore underwear that day cuz. Yea. Complete Footage Here.

Finally, I love the visuals captured by RevCaribbean.  They got reviews and feedback from a lot of the artistes on the ship.  What makes USC so unique, is the fact that artistes and fans mingle and it’s no big scene. We, the fans, are there to have fun with the people who provide the vibes.  Full Video here.

So. As you can see from these reviews. USC is the place to be next year. Don’t stick and miss it.

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