GotBDE? is an exclusive Soca Community.

GotBDE was created to bring the best in soca culture to our soca lovers around the world. GotBDE has Facebook groups, WhatsAPP chats, Instagram, Twitter, and a Blog. We are a community of avid soca lovers who enjoy pure bacchanal.

GotBDE? Members Enjoy:

  • Exclusive Facebook Group for GotBDE Members Only
  • Local Meetups at Fetes and Events
  • GotBDE Meetups at Carnivals Around the World
  • Annual Takeover of Ubersoca Cruise
  • Private WhatsAPP Chat and Pop-Up Carnival Chats
  • Facebook Group for Singles Who Love Soca

So What Exactly is BDE?


You don’t have to be a man or have huge genitals, nor is it related to anything sexual. To have this energy, you have to exhibit tremendous self confidence to do what you want, go for what you want, and not let anyone or anything get in your way. You think you GotBDE ? We think you do.

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